About Daddy-O

Daddy-O is a great neighborhood bar, superb restaurant and haven for craft cocktails, both classic and originals.

From this picturesque corner in the charming West Village, owner Phil Casaceli has devoted over 14 years of his life to renewing the cocktail culture in a very unassuming fashion. In fact, he would be the last one to call himself a mixologist. His passion stems from a lifetime of being surrounded by food and restaurants – and he has brought this love to Daddy-O in a variety of ways in both the food and the cocktails.

Because of the superior quality of the food and cocktails at Daddy-O, it has become a haven for not only neighborhood chefs and other industry professionals, it is a favorite of many Food Network Chefs, celebrity chefs, professional sports figures and tv/film stars. Those seeking to getaway from the public eye know they can count on anonymity while still receiving stellar service when they drop into Daddy-O.

Daddy-O has been featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on The Food Network in an episode called “The Best Thing I Ever Drank”. Chef Anne Burrell chose the Herbaceous Mojito as the best thing she ever drank – an original creation full of fresh cilantro, fresh pineapple juice, roasted jalapeno simple syrup and house-made cilantro-infused vodka.

A quick look at youtube and you will easily find segments filmed at Daddy-O, such as Rachel Maddow making an old-fashioned and other classic cocktails or owner Phil Casaceli making another Daddy-O original, the boozy Daddy-O Root Beer Float.

Daddy-O has been consistently nominated over the years for things such as best burger (Time Out New York), Best Bloody Mary in NYC (Absolut), world’s best drink selection (2012 and 2013 Tales of the Cocktail), and was even on the list for The 50 Greatest Bars on Earth (Sunday Times UK).

The fact that Daddy-O is open 364 days a year (only closed on Christmas Day) and never closes before 4:00am, has helped make it a destination for the late night crowd – mainly bartenders and other industry professionals, who know what they want in food, drinks, and service.

What’s often a surprise to newcomers (and continues to delight the regulars) that come into this small corner bar is the intensity of the whiskey selection. For such a tiny spot, Daddy-O has packed the sparking glass shelves with row after row of bottles. Just ask for “the book” and you will be amazed to find a list of over 100 American whiskeys/bourbons/ryes, more than 65 Scotch Whiskies, and a great selection of Irish and Japanese Whisky. However, Daddy-O is not limited to just whiskey. You will also find over 80 bottles of tequila and mezcal, and over 30 bottles each of rum, gin, and vodka. Keeping the shelves stocked with an interesting and diverse collection of spirits is priority at Daddy-O. Daddy-O also pours Daddy-O Single Barrel Private Label Reserve Bourbon and its own seasonal draft beer made exclusively for Daddy-O by Butternuts Beer & Ale.

Daddy-O is a place that takes what you love most about a neighborhood bar and combines it with what you love most about New York’s intense love affair with fine service and crafted quality food and drinks.